Saturday, July 16, 2011

Israeli Naziism

The Israeli Govt has passed a law that bans Israelis from boycotting Israeli goods, particularly goods made in illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank. 

Freedom-loving Israelis claim that the legislation is intended "to silence criticism against the government's policies in general and its policies in the occupied territories in particular". 

Israel's finance minister, Yuval Steinitz said: "Boycotts against the state of Israel certainly cannot be considered legitimate from Israel's point of view and boycotts against the settlements or any other region of the country are not a democratic way to determine democratic oversight." Huh? Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said. "I am against boycotts aimed at the state of Israel in general, and I am against boycotts aimed at groups within Israel." 

So much for freedom of speech and choice in Israel. Hitler would have been proud of this law.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Spending & Revenue

We need to increase taxes on millionaires & selectively cut spending, such as duplication and admin waste in defense. The GOP's crazy proposals for spending cuts is the wrong way to go, when what we need job growth. It shows a blind alegience to a political theology, to the detriment of truth.

The GOP's mantra of "we can't raise taxes in a recession" is utterly spurious. Tax increases on the rich and eliminating corporate welfare (tax loopholes) wont adversely affect job growth.It is not taxes that drive multinational corporation to take jobs overseas, it's their desire for slave labor.

Conservatives are quick to attack Obama on the spending, yet refuse to mention that the spending comes from Bush43 programs and laws that have carried over into Obama's term. They are the costs of laws that the Government has put in place in the past; old spending, not new spending.

The problem is revenue. We lost so many jobs due to Bush's crash that it wrecked our revenue stream. Conservatives need to put their ideological theology on hold and get real, instead of playing politics and trying to hurt Obama.

The source of the lies about Obama

You ask for the source of the lies about Obama. It's a combination of the Collective Insanity of Conservatives and a conscious decision by them to destroy Obama and his Presidency in any way they can, and at all costs. It includes attempting to de-legitimize, de-Americanize & de-humanize him. Indeed, the sheer vitriol of the Conservative attacks on Obama are  at a level that has never been seen before in America. They are vile, toxic, utterly disgusting .. and are just about always based upon things taken out of context, the misrepresentation of facts, and just plain fabrications. I believe that there are elements of racism in many of them, but, more so, an element of fear; a fear that a popular and well-liked Obama will change America in a way that will be emotionally uncomfortable to many Conservatives. Then we have the Corporate element that fears Obama will move them off their pedestals and positions of power, and turn America into a far more equitable society; the type of society the Founders sought.  So, Conservatives call him Kenyan, Indonesian, Muslim, Marxist, Socialist, ineligible, European, and much more. None of these are true, but that doesn't matter to these sick and unhinged Conservatives. The truth is that, if you look at Obama's record, he has, despite full-bored Conservative obstructionism, done a great deal to move America and Americans forward. When those who are not blinded by hate and bigotry, or have been sucked in by the anti-Obama propaganda, look at his record, they see that he has been very good for America .. health care reform, bank reform, consumer protection, ending the recession that was left for him, killing bin Laden, and a whole lot more. But Conservatives will never believe this. The immense anti-Obama propaganda has been drilled into them from all sides and for so long, that they are either unwilling or unable to recognize the truth. And that's very destructive to America. The American people are suffering because Conservatives are far less concerned about them, than they are about destroying Obama.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

@GOPteach The Conservative dishonesty re' the debt is remarkable. #p2 #tcot #tlot #teaparty

@GOPteach  The Conservative dishonesty re' the debt ceiling is remarkable. They cheerfully blame Obama for the horrendous cumulative debts caused by Reagan & Bush43. They also cheerfully add FY2009 debt (Bush's last FY) to Obama. If you look at the annual spending, Obama's spending is pretty much in line with Bush's, but Bush crashed the job market & we are stiff suffering the fallout of that.

More Conservative Insanity

More Conservative Insanity. #tcot #teaparty> RT @PeppermintDream: RT @Papatul: I'm Not Against Obama Serving Two Terms As Long As The Second One Is In Prison... #tcot #teaparty #ocra

Conservatives squealing like rodents

Conservatives squealing like rodents. #tcot> RT @czarfeeds: Rolling Back the Obamacare Banana Republic | FrontPage Magazine #tcot #czar

RT @ognicco: RT @AlinskyDefeater: Know Obama--> Know Alinsky-->No Obama!

RT @ognicco: RT @AlinskyDefeater: Know Obama--> Know Alinsky-->No Obama! ... #ocra #tcot #teaparty #sgp #gop #alinsky // More Conservative Insanity. They sure love creating & spreading their Fantasies